How are the Christmas parades in Disneyland Paris?

Find out which christmas parades is a must-do: Christmas reviews facts, time table and tips to enjoy the most.

• Disney’s dream parade:

√ When? Daily at 18:40 . In dark in winter. Drink some hot chocolate.

√ Where?on parade route.

√ What can I see? : 8 floats are cruising, escorted by acrobatics, juggling, and stilt walking. Each float represent one disney film:

    -Dream of imagination with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, pluto and goofy

    - Dreams of Laughter & fun: Alice in wonderland and pinocchio

    - Dreams of friendship:Toy story and winnie the pooh

    - Dreams of fantasy: Mary poppins and Peter Pan

    - Dreams of power:Jafar, maleficent, ursulla and snow white’s queen.

    - Dreams of adventure: jungle book and the Lion King.

    - Dreams of romance:Little mermaid, aladdin, Disney’s princess.

disneyland paris christmas parades

• La Cavalcade de Noël

Santa claus follows the 8 floats in his sleigh pulled by reindeers. Elves and toys dance around him. It’s very impressive!!!

On Main street at 11:15, 12:15 or 13:15 daily.

During the parade, you are outdoor. Think about an indoor place to get warm after the show....Have a look at the winter’s weather to be sure you can face the cold and sometimes the snow.

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