Colonel Hatis restaurant

The Colonel Hatis restaurant is for you if you are looking for a cheap restaurant in Adventureland. It's kind of junk food but it's a good looking place !

In this restaurant, an american women asked me: "as a french women, can you tell me what do french people eat and choose in this restaurant?". I was a little surprised : on the menu, you can just eat pizza, hamburger, pasta... I don't think it is french food... I just replied to her: "Sorry, but if you want to eat french food, I don't think this is the best place! You should go in the "Restaurant des stars" in Walt Disney Studio park"!

No french food but I like very much this place, especially at night:

Here you can choose between 3 menus:

  1. Menu 1: pasta with salade
  2. Menu 2: Lasagna 
  3. Menu 3: Pizza

For me, it's Italian (junk) food.....

Colonel Hati's Pizza outpost galery

In summer, when the weather is warm, enjoy your dinner on the terrace....

It's one of my favorite restaurant in summer. Peace, quiet and my children like very much the kid's menu with the coke, the pizza and the yogurt.

And also, it's not too far from the Pirates of the Carrabean, where we go at night. There is no queue after 20:00!

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