Which disney hotel restaurants is the best?

Browse through the Disney hotel restaurants below and select one that fits your eurodisney holidays.

• Table service reservation can and should be made months in advence using this following numbers:(+33) 1 60 30 40 50

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4 Table service in Disney hotel restaurants.

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy seefood....

...Try the Yacht Club

    • In Disney’s Newport Bay club

    • Lobster,Oysters, crab , mussells for the fish eater.... This seefood restaurants has a great competitor: the Blue Lagoon restaurant in Disneyland park....

    • A little pricey (more than 30 €/adult and 10€/kid).

    • Half board Plus and Premium meal voucher available.

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy the piano....

...Try the Manhattan restaurant

    • In Disney Hotel New-York

    • Spacious and comfortable, enjoy the extensive’s menu in this service table restaurant: italian food, meat, fish....Mediterranean cuisine with a jazzy atmosphere (piano, dance floor).

    • Great lake view where you can do some Ice-skating in winter. A little pricey (more than 32 €/adult) but you will enjoy calmness after your day in Disneyland park

    • Use your Half board plus and premium meal voucher

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy a romantic dinner....

...Try the California grill

• In Disneyland Hotel (right at the entrance of Disneyland Park)

• After your day in the park, this Gourmet restaurant could be a peacefull time: foie gras, soupe au pistou (délicieux if you like basil-pistou it’s a french term for basil) everything that french people eat in our grand parent’s home....with an overlook of Sleeping beauty castle.

• Very pricey (more than 40 €) but you pay for the food and the services....

• Perfect if you like to eat great meal....with good wine (not only french but also from california).

• Use your Half board Premium meal voucher for this restaurant.

...Try the Beaver Creek Tavern

    • In Sequoia Lodge Hotel

    • North American home cooking in an american atmosphere: grilled bone steak or Lamb brochette.

    • Use your half board plus meal voucher.

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5 buffet service in Disney hotel restaurants:

Buffet service in a cosy atmosphere?

...Try the Hunter’s grill

    • In Sequoia Lodge Hotel

    • Vegetarian lasagne, pasta, Roast pork and gratin dauphinois (french specilality with potatoes, délicieux), fish, sausages, mousaka (eggplant with meat), pizza, fresh seefoods and vegetables, french cheeses and royal dessert (crème brûlée, tart)

    • The best for fussy earter and Gargantua’s eater (François Rabelais, a french writer, wrote a novel about a giant, Gargantua, who eat so much. Since so, Gargantua became a nick name for Good eater...).

    • Rustic style with natural wooden furniture. A great warm atmosphere after a long day in the park.....and junk food.

    • Buffet at 28,70€ for adults and 13,30€ for kids)

    • Use your half board plus meal voucher.

...try the parkside diner in the New York hotel

    • Cosmopolite cuisine- buffet menu (starters, main courses and desserts): 27,70 € for grown –up and 12,80 for kids

    • Half board Plus meal voucher available.

try Chuck Wagon café

    • In Hotel Cheyenne

    • Western cuisine

    • Half board standard meal voucher available.

...try La Cantina

    • In Hotel Santa Fe

    • Tex Mex specialities for 20 €/adult and 10€ for kids.

    • Half board standard meal voucher available.

...try Cape Cod restaurant

    • In New-York hotel

    • International food

    • Half board Plus meal voucher available.

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Also, Have a look at my lunch-tea-and- dinner-time-with-Characters page in Disneyland Park or Disney village.

1 table service and 1 buffet service in Disney hotel restaurants:

Table service with the characters

Try the inventions

    • In Disneyland hotel (only for dinner)

    • Do you want to satisfy your children? It’s the best place: great fresh food (vegetables and fruits) with seafood, pasta, meat, pizza, chicken, cheesecakes ......with a non-stop appearances of Minnie, mickey, gepetto....Don’t forget your camera and look at your kids’s smile....

    • A little pricey (more than 30€): it’s not a gourmet restaurant as the the California Grill. You pay to eat with the characters.

    • Available with the half board meal premium.

Buffet service with the characters

...in a western atmosphere:the Crockett’s tavern

• In Davy crockett ranch

• Fresh food in a Buffet restaurant with a overlook of the swimming pool. Right in the Davy Crockett ranch.

• Dinner at 18:00 with the Characters. Perfect for the family.

• Use your half board standard meal voucher.

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P>You just want to relax with a drink.....

....Try the fischerman’s wharf in Newport bay club

Great Cocktails with spectacle at night? You are in the best bar in Disney’s hotels. Just relax....

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Bon appétit in Disney hotel restaurants!

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