Disney light Ears Facts

All the FACTS about the Disney Light Ears in Disneyland Paris!

New for summer 2013!

What is it?

Disney Light' Ears is a Mickey hat with lights on ears!

Just click on the button inside, and the lights are ON!

It works by itself or in a commanded way.  Indeed, at the beginning of the Disney dream show, the staff control will take the control of all the ears light on central Plaza and on Main Street to synchronize them with the show.

At the end on main street, on plazza place, buy your hat for 20 euros during the day.

And at night, just before the show, little "carriole" are here, just in case you want to wear that new hat!

My son wanted one but with 3 kids it's too expensive!

Some have bought Disney light ears hat!

And the colour of the ears change with the music of Disney Dreams' show!

It should be as this advertirsing but in June not a lot people bought it. Is it the price? or  maybe the people don't known about this new hat?

More Facts.....

  • Price: 20 euros!
  • Ears deactivated in the entrance of the main attractions. However, the visitors can reactivate them manually in the attraction! Let us hope that they would have the  intelligence not to activated it!
  • Hat avalaible during summer 2013!

What do you think about this new hat?

Tell me what you think about it.

And if you have bought one for all the family, tell us how you manage with the kids? I am very interested about it!

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