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• A new resort in Disneyland Paris in 2015.

• 3 new rides in Walt disney studio Paris: this space, imagined and realized in France, is a world premiere.

• A new airport for your holidays in disneyland Paris.

The new resort near Disneyland Paris

Eurodisney S.A and Pierre et Vacances group have presented their « nature village » in November 2010:

    • This new resort will open in 2015.

    • 6 km in south of Disneyland Paris, near Ferrieres forest and Crécy town.

    • New concept of tourist destination: a model of sustainable development (lowest ecological footprint): less than 10% will be covered by building.

    • Activities: Geothermal lagoon (3.500 m2), aquatic park (with water slide), gardens, organic farm, Lakeside space, walkpath, treetop adventures.

    • 1700 appartments and cottage. 800 of them should be bought in september 2011.

    First pickaxe in 2013...

    • Probably 4500 new jobs for the Seine et Marne departement.

    • Ready to dump in the nature? No car, heater by geothermie ( a 70°C water drawn at 1800 m underground will warm residences and lagoon)

    • Reafforestation on lands cultivated for a long time. The banks of the artificial lake will be panted by reeds, which will facilitate the nesting of numerous species of birds.

    • 5000 appartments till then 2040.

3 new attractions in Walt Disney Studio Paris since August 17 2010

You liked the movies Toy Story? You will like the new theme park in Walt Disney studio Paris:

    • A mini-park, dedicated to the universe of the cartoon movie has opened on August 17 2010.

    • Baptized Toy Story Playland, enclose with huge Bamboo

    • No technological revolution in these classic rides.

    • The interest of the place is more in the quality of its oversize decorations, which create a total dumping in the world of Toy-story.

    • Everything was conceived to give you the impression to be in the skin of a toy: 1m tall grass (New zealand variety), a wall of huge dominoes, oversize garland and balloons.

    • 3 main attractions:

√ Toy story Mission parachutes, inpired by the famous plastic soldiers: nacelles suspended from cables give you the impression of a real parachute jumping. Good opportunity to see the park from above!

√ a ride for kids: Slinky Dog Zig Zag. A nice merry-go-round for toddlers and young kids.

√ Rc racer Vitesse: a racing car (being able to take 20 persons) go down very speed on a rail shaped of U .

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A new Paris airport for your holidays in Disneyland Paris from Stockholm.

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