Get out your Disneyland Paris best time

Whether you have already decided your Disneyland Paris best time or you are in doubt, click below on these 8 facts to have confidence on your choice and have the greatest time :


The Disneyland parc in Paris had 14 900 000 visitors in 2013 and in 2010 and 54,7 millions of meal have been served in one year (only 365 days)!!!

These facts must remember you that you won’t be alone in the disney parks.

Busiest days:

    • Weekends are about twice as busy as weekdays, and 3-day weekends are 3 times as busy

    • Saturdays are busier than Sundays

    • During the France's public holidays

    • Schools have Wednesdays off which can impact attendance.

Busiest month:

    • During the France's public holidays and vacation

    • August and December.

Lowest days and months

    •Tuesday and Thursday are the least busy days.

    • January and february are the least busy month.

Disneyland Paris Best Times Tips

If you go when Disneyland Paris is less busy, be aware that :

  1. The park hours are shorter
  2. More rides may be closed for rehabs

To help you, I have drawn up a list with the busiest and lowest month and days for the 4th season in Disneyland Paris:

    May help you if you are wondering how many days you need to visit Disneyland Paris

    √ Useful if you don’t want to spend ages in the queue.

    √ May help you decide when to plan your trip

Also, on busiest month and days, here some tips to help you:

    my tips to beat the lines

    √ see how works the Fastpass.

    √ learn about the extra magic hours!


Find your Disneyland Paris best time with all the disneyland Paris cheap deals:

    √ Kids under 7 or 12 stay for free

    √ Book before the 31th January and get 30% off.

    √ Book your Holidays in July and get 15% off

    √ Pay 3 days and stay 4

    √ Special package deals during the Bonfire in November.

More information on When-what-How, about cheap deals for Disneyland Paris


Nobody looks after a rainy experience. I give you all the weather facts month by month in eurodisney : rain, temperature and wind.

Also, I have listed all the restaurants with a fire place or cosy atmosphere and all the indoor rides : get warm in it!

Get out your favorite month and know what to pack !!!

Also, before you leave, catch a glance of the weather forecast in Disneyland Paris. Just in case you need the sun cream or the scarf... weather can change very quickly.

If your Paris and Disneyland holidays are soon (less than 7 days), have a look at the Disneyland Paris weather forcast.

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Special event: Tarzan Show

Who wants to miss a show like that? Nobody! Especially the girls who want to see muscle!

Check out the Disneyland Paris events that occur throughout the year in Disney resort Paris with a few details on "what and when".

Maybe it’s the umpteenth time you visit disneyland Paris and you are looking for something special....The Disneyland Paris calendar may be helpful to find your Disneyland Paris best time!

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You probably already know that Disneyland resort Paris is open 365 days a year - but it's not 24/24.

All along the year, the opening hours. change every day and every week.

Disneyland Paris Holidays Tips

Add 2 hours more with the extra magic hours if you have book in a Disneyland Paris on site hotels!


Sleaping beauty castle at night! Wonderfull isn't it?

I known it worth it to stay a while during the night!

It could be useful to know the hours of sun rise and sun set, especially if you want to enjoy the longest sunny day, or take advantage of the Christmas lights not too late for your kids...

In winter, the days are very short: the sun rise at 8:30 and set at 16:30.

In summer, the days are very long: the sun rise at 5:30 and night fall at 22:30.

If it's too cold or rainy outside, Don't hesitated to list all the indoor rides before you left!

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Ready to find YOUR Disneyland Paris best time?

Enjoy your family holiday in Europe!

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