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Here are all the christmas facts concerning Disneyland Paris:

• 10th of november 2013 to 6 th of january 2013:

Find your best time according to the weather. and the crowd and holidays.

Yep, it’s pretty cold in december.

Don’t forget you'll find everything closed in France on the 25th of december. Except Disneyland resort paris!!! You wont be alone this day. (Have a look on my avoid-the-queue-tips.).

• Christmas lights and decorations

As soon as you are walking from the car park or from the train station, you’ll see the disneyland paris christmas decorations. A big "sapin de noel" is standing on Town square. Some big false gifts are laying under it. All over the Disneyland park Paris, decorations will amaze your kids.

After the sunset, walk around the Sleeping Beauty Castle and be surprised!!

One new light for christmas in Disneyland paris: the Disney Light ears!

Christmas shows facts: Which theater ,timetable, story, scenery,musics, tips to take advantage of these entertainment.Find out which christmas entertainment is a must-do.

• Pere noel

Visit the Disney Christmas Village and meet Santa Claus every day from 11:30 to 16:00 (Fontierland-cottonwood creek ranch)until 25th of december. Some children can be scared and don’t want to hug him (as my daughter), others are very proud to meet him (as my son). Don’t forget to post the Christmast Letters (The "s" because my son uses to write heavy folders to Santa...) in his own post office.... Santa claus is waiting for you in Frontierland: enjoy to hear for a last time his “HO,HO,HO”.

You can meet also a lot of Disney characters: Dingo, princess!

Christmas parades: How are Disneyland Paris christmas parades? 3 christmas review’s description: time table, where is it, what happen and tips to enjoy the most. Find out which one is a must-see.

• Christmas gifts

Don’t need to come with your father christmas’s sack: you can buy Christmassy stuff in the disney’s shops... and a big departement store called VAl d'Europe is near by Disneyland Paris.

Also, the paris department store (galerie lafayette, le printemps, le bon marché, les champs elysées) are waiting for you...The decorations are amazing in this store. And for the kids, you have some shop-window with robots and puppets. I like to do it with my children: Have a look on this website the amazing photos!

Christmas mass

Going to the nearest church from Disneyland Paris or to Notre Dame cathedral in Paris?

• Christmas Eve Midnight supper

Which restaurant can I choose for the midnight supper?

• Which Disneyland Paris hotels at Christmas time?

Looking for a disney hotels or an hotels near Disneyland Paris if you are on a limited budget?

• Visiting Paris at christmas too?

The lights and the decoration are amazing. Most of the cyties don’t have such illuminations (I don’t say that because I am a froggy, only because it’s thrue): Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, Opera Garnier.

The new Chritmas tree in Galerie Lafayette has just been inaugurated: It's a Swarovski and Louis Vuitton tree! (only in french but you can find some amazing pictures!)

Follow my tips for your noel a paris and have some wonderful christmas holidays (french christmas traditions, paris christmas markets) . Let me convince you to have your christmas in france.

Worth it for my disneyland paris christmas vacations?

• You like lights, christmas atmosphere and you want to see the Disney’s fantillusion? It’s the best times to go. The sun sets sooner in winter (5 pm) so your toddlers and young kids tired can see it.

• Don’t be afraid of the frozen condition? It’s the best time: all the familly will be gone after 7pm: no queue.

• Scared about the freezing condition? You won’t be alone and waiting outdoor with the kids could be difficult. Some tips to help you:

- Visit the walt disney studios when it’s rainy and very cold: most of the indoors attractions are in this park.

- Give priority to the indoor rides. Most of the rides are open (except Autopia in Discoveryland and River Rogue Keelboat in Frontierland). At freezing time, i have seen the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril closed.

- use the Disney hotel fastpass or the VIP fastpass to avoid the queue

- book you restaurant before leaving: (+33)1 60 30 40 50 - to get warm: parades and some shows are outdoor. Schedule a chocolate-coffee-break after or an indoor rides. Don’t forget the scarf, gloves and warm shoes.... Or choose a restaurant with a fire-place.

- Disneyland hotel (on the right side): the only one where you can see the fireworks in a warm place (the other hotels are definitely too far).

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