Disneyland Paris Dining restaurants

No junk food – Please vegetarien and gourmet meals...

Find out differents Disneyland Paris dining restaurants where the junk food is forbidden...

Be fed up with buggers or pizza? Looking for vegetables and fresh foods? A gourmet restaurant?

After dinner shows or characters meal, a romantic dining is great!

Make a change but the price is not the same....

Mind you!

    •Dining time depends on Parks opening times.

    • Table service reservation can and should be made months in advence using this following numbers:(+33) 1 60 30 40 50

Get out where you want to eat....

    Table service

    Buffet service

    Eat with Characters


7 Disneyland Paris Dining restaurants:

In fantasiland

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy Cinderella....

Try the “ Auberge de cendrillon”:

    • One of the best Disneyland Paris dining restaurant.

    French food in a castle atmosphere. Served by waitress, enjoy the foie gras, smocked salmon, lamb, delicious french dessert (creme brulee, tart...) and unlimited wine...

    • A little expensive (more than 50 €) but dinning with Cinderella herself can be a pleasure for you kids (or for yourself ). Take a photo with your favorite disney’s princess (available photo pack option for 25 &euro); and don’t forget the autographs...The kids leave with a gift: the girls a wand and the boys a mask. Perfect on winter days...

    • Have a look at L’auberge de Cendrillon Menu.

    • Use your Half board premium voucher for this restaurants.

In adventureland

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy the pirates....

Try the Blue lagoon restaurant

    • In the heart of the Pirates of the carribean rides, have lunch or dinner in a carribean atmosphere: sand on the floor, bamboo bunches.

    • Served by waiters, enjoy the lobster, shrimp cocktail, flambade Ostrich stake, Carribean chicken curry, various shell fish and oysters, roast beef with Jamaican pepper sauce, Caramelised banana pie with cocoa ice cream and creme brulee.

    • More information about Blue lagoon restaurant menu.

    • The children are not forgotten: they have great offer. A little expensive (more than 30 €) but dining in such atmosphere won’t happen again!!

    • Use your Half board plus voucher for this restaurants.

Asked for a lake-side-table and don’t forget to book in advance....

Why not arabic ‘s food?

Test the Agrabah café

• On a buffet, appreciate the moussaka (egg-plant with meat), lamb tagine (yummy), hommos, taboulé, shawarma, meatballs, kebabs, fish . For dessert take a baklava with mint tea, so delicious. Taste slowly with aladin’s music...in various rooms decorated with arabic ‘s carpets,marrocan lamps.

• Not too expensive (25€)

• Best Disneyland paris dining with tasty, spicy and smelly meals...

In Frontierland

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy the meat ....

Silver spur steakhouse is for you...

    • Meat eater welcome in a Wild West saloon: T bone steak, ribs, entrecote steak served by waitrers. Of course, you can find something else as the fish, dessert and ....good bottles of wine.

    • In winter, the center-grill is open: a good place to get warm!

    • Maybe the cheapest table service restaurant (25 €).

    • Use your Half board standard voucher for this restaurants.

In Main street USA

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy Walt Disney....

Try the Walt’s an american restaurant:

• Seated in one of the 5 rooms (one for each Lands), near the windows (best place), enjoy this gourmet restaurant: meat, fish, chicken, pasta, chocolate pudding etc...Little pricey (over than 30&euro) but available for the Half Board Menu plus.

• Bonus: a fireplace in Fantasiland, great to get warm....

• Which rooms is your favorite? The adventureland with drawing of the pirates of the Carribbean? Fantasiland with the Disney’s queen sculpture? Maybe, Frontierland or discoveryland because this 2 rooms overlook on the parades....

• Best Disneyland paris dining restaurant during the parade!

• Have a look at Walt restaurant menu.

• Use your Half board plus voucher for this restaurants.

Why not dining in the hotels restaurants?

P>You just want to relax, eat and enjoy the piano....

Try the Manhattan restaurant

    • Spacious and comfortable, enjoy the extensive’s menu in this service table restaurant: italian food, meat, fish....with a jazzy atmosphere (piano, dance floor).

    • Great lake view where you can do some Ice-skating in winter.

    • A little pricey (more than 30 €/adult) but you will enjoy calmness after your day in Disneyland park

    • Use your Half board plus and premium voucher for this restaurants.

P>You just want to relax, eat and enjoy a romantic dinner....

Try the California grill in Disneyland hotel

• After your day in the park, this restaurant could be a peacefull time: foie gras, soupe au pistou (délicieux if you like basil-pistou it’s a french term for basil) everything that french people eat in our grand parent’s home....with an overlook of Sleeping beauty castle.

• Very pricey (more than 40 €) but you pay for the food and the services....

• Perfect if you like to eat great meal....with good wine (not only french but also from california).

• Use your Half board premium voucher for this restaurants.

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1 Disneyland paris dining restaurants:

Buffet service in a cosy atmosphere?

Try the Hunter’s grill

    • Vegetarian lasagne, pasta, Roast pork and gratin dauphinois (french specilality with potatoes, délicieux), fish, sausages, mousaka (eggplant with meat), pizza, fresh seefoods and vegetables, french cheeses and royal dessert (crème brûlée, tart)

    • The best disneyland paris dining restaurant for fussy earter and Gargantua’s eater (François Rabelais, a french writer, wrote a novel about a giant, Gargantua, who eat so much. Since so, Gargantua became a nick name for Good eater...).

    • Rustic style with natural wooden furniture as the sequoia lodge hotel. A great warm atmosphere after a long day in the park.....and junk food.

    • Use your Half board plus voucher for this restaurants.

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BUFFET SERVICE with Characters

Buffet service with the characters

Try the inventions in the Disneyland Hotel

Do you want to satisfy your children? It’s the best place: great fresh food (vegetables and fruits) and junk food (sorry)......with a non-stop appearances of Minnie, mickey, gepetto....Don’t forget your camera and look at your kids’s smile.... Available with the half board meal premium.

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