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This page provides détails on every things you want to known about the Disneyland Paris fastpass and tips to avoid queue....

    • How does it works ?

    • How much does it cost ?

    • On which rides can you use the fast pass in Disneyland Paris ?

    • Little secrets...

    Mind you !

    • A Disneyland fastpass allows you to get the fastpass line on 9 selected rides.

    • Most of these rides are thrill rides. Not so usefull for toddlers and young kids : think about “-extra-magic-hours”

    • The ending time printed on your disney fastpass tickets isn’t really enforced. Go off, and you’ll most likely be allowed to enter.

    How does it works ?

      1. Find a Fastpass ticket machine on the 9 selected rides (list below)

      2. Insert each Park-admission ticket into the machine. If you have an e-ticket (printed ticket), exchange it for an actual disneyland ticket.

      3. Grab your FASTPASS ticket with an indicating return time (i.e return between 2:30 and 3:30). Go off and enjoy other rides in the Park. Don’t lose it!

      4. Return to the rides at the time indicated on your FASTPASS ticket (i.e 2:30 and 3:30) and board in via the FASTPASS entrance (see photo on your right).

      5. Another Disney fastpass ticket can only be obtained once the previous ticket has been used, even if your fastpass time is in the afternoon.

      i.e: If it’s 10:30 and your indicating return time say “return between 2:30 and 3:30” on the Disney ride, you can’t get one until 2:31. Get one as soon as you can.

    Disneyland Paris fastpass costs

      Free fastpass with your park-admission ticket valid for the same day : one Fastpass ticket at a time per person.

      The distribution of FASTPASS tickets is subject to the availability of the service and tickets.

      VIP FASTPASS is given to all guests staying in any Disney Hotel suite, Castle Club and empire State club.

      Is it your case? If the answer is yes, it would be free for you. It gives unlimited access to all FASTPASS attractions at any time.

      • A Premium FASTPASS for 60 € which provides you unlimited access to FASTPASS lanes in Disneyland Hotel conciergerie or Hotel New york conciergerie. ; Subject to availability and validity dates . But unnecessary for parents with young kids or toddlers as it's said just above....
      • The third fastpass is Disney Hotel FASTPASS: when staying at Disneyland Hotel or in the Disney Sequoia lodge Golden Forest club you receive 1 additional FASTPASS per day & per person

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    On which rides you can use the fastpass in Disneyland Paris ?

    Disneyland Park in Paris

    • Buzz Lightyear rides, Discoveryland
    • Space Mountain: mission 2, Discoveryland
    • Star tours, Discoveryland
    • Indiana jones, adventureland
    • Big thunder mountain, frontierland
    • Peter Pan ride, Fantasyland

    In Walt Disney Studios park

    • Flying carpets over Agrabah, Toon studio
    • Tower of terror ride, Production Courtyard
    • Rock’n rollercoaster, Backlot
    • Ratatouille, the new attraction in 2014!

    Disneyland Paris fast pass secrets

    • Get a free fastpass in Eurodisney if you stay in the Disneyland Hotel : one per person valid all day directly in the fastpass line.

    Get a free VIP fastpass (unlimited access) if you stay in a suite in one of these 4 Disney hotels:

      √ In the Disneyland hotel

      √ Hotel New York in Disneyland Paris

      √ Newport Bay hotel in Disneyland Paris

      √ Disney Sequoia lodge

    • Not staying in a suite ? Pay for a Premium fastpass (see above where).

    • If you have your old Disneyland paris ticket, you can use it to get more Fastpass!

    • Last time I went to Disneyland Paris, I had 30 minutes queue for the fastpass ticket machine and then 30 more in the Fastpass line! Worth it or not?

    • Follow all my tips to beat the lines...

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