How I have decided to make a website about Disneyland Paris

In 2009, when it came to research our family's upcoming trip in New Zeland, I found myself overwhelmed with the poor information on the web.

After that, I have been at home with my third child, then came the crazy idea to start a website. What could I write about?

Disneyland came first : I am a Disney fan and theme parks fan all around the world.

Paris came in second place: it’s the city where I use to come back for vacation and where I was born.  As  an expatriate, I realize how it is difficult to travel to Paris. Especially with 3 children. And I speak french!

How can it be difficult for non-french-speaker people!

Why not put them together?

Disneyland Paris holidays was born, and I have some few time to write: only during the nap of my little babygirl and before my older kids come back from school!

I'm still working on it. It’s just the beginning....

You can always find free information and help right here, as well as Disneyland Paris tips, of course! I am continually updating information to make sure this remains the best Disneyland Paris travel guide anywhere.

I am not affiliated with Disneyland or the Walt Disney Company.  I am simply a mom who needed an intellectual hobby.  I hope you find the site helpful.  The information is as accurate as possible.

The information you find here at this online Disneyland Paris travel guide will help you plan a memorable trip. Thanks for visiting and let us know what you think (I will add it on my guestbook page!)

Kind regards


PS: is not a company or a travel agency, but a personal site originally started as a hobby.  Ads & affiliate commission support the site and my exploration to update The information on this site aims to help, but I can't take responsibility for any inaccuracy. ...

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