Where should a family stay in disneyland paris?

Disneyland Paris hotels start with so many unfair advantages...

1) Closed to the park -Free transportation to and from all the hotels to the park.

2) A Disney atmosphere: magical disney feeling, with  your shampoo with Mouse Ears.

3) Breakfast, dining with Disney character: Disney-themed food!

4) Extra magic hours: spend 2 hours more in the Park

5) Disney hotel Fastpass for 9 rides  as many times as you want all day long.

6) If you have children, it is the best for your little nap, or for a break in the swimming pool.......

7) Up to 30% off with annual pass

Which Disneyland Paris hotel is the best to stay in? 

On these page you’ll find my recommandation about the seven Disneyland Paris hotels in the Disneyland paris resort park. I have list all the Disneyland hotel in Paris: the nearest to the further. I have walked with my children to the different hotels in Disneyland Paris.

If you want more details and pictures, just click on the hotel name.  There is some more hotels around Disneyland Paris.  

You may also want to consider the room sizes:a familly with teenagers or with toddlers don't need the same room!

Think about your family’s morning or night routines.

Disneyland Hotel: the nearest, just above the entrance! 

- To get a full Disney experience with Disney Fastpass, 

- Great indoor pool, sauna, spa and fitness area. Spa available for all Disney hotel guest.

- Wifi access on some location and air conditionning.

- Personal meet-n-greets with Disney characters at your table.

- Free breakfast in the morning, you can overlook Main Street whilst having it.

 I recommand you to eat in the Inventions restaurant: it’s the only thing I have done in this hotel.

Get the Vip fastpass if you  book a suite or the castle club (big room,  private lift and reception).

Room available for at least 4 adults and 1 child. If you are more, you need a twin bedroom.

I am sur that it’s worth the extra expense to stay here but it’s not affordable for me and my 3 kids! I wish I could stay there one day!


Hotel New York Disneyland Paris

- Situated next to Lake Disney, just after Disney village.

- 15 minutes walk with tired children

- Themeing in the rooms is Manhattan style in the 1930s

- indoor pool, and outdoor pool, a health club and free on-site parking.

- Free shuttle for the park

-Outside tennis court and ice skating (during winter)

- eat in the Manhattan restaurant for dinner.

Sequoia Lodge Hotel

- Situated just after the Disney's new-York Hotel.

- 23 minutes walk with tired children

- Bamby theme in the room

- Indoor pool and outdoor pool with slide

- Free shuttle for the park

-Sequioa lodge Disneyland paris wifi?

On the photo, you can see my husband pushing the buggy! You need absolutly one with toddlers and young kids!

- Choose Golden forest room or one of the suite for VIP passes!

- Enjoy the Hunter's grill restaurant for dinner

Newport Bay hotel Disneyland Paris

After you have walk around lake Disney (23 minutes walk with tired children), Newport bay hotel can offer:

- outdoor and indoor pool, sauna

- cape cod restaurant

-Choose admiral's floor room or one of the suite for VIP passes!

Be prepared for lots of walking! Our kids were 7, 5, and 2 years old: both had turns in the buggy when tired! Buggies can be hired for all day!

Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris

- indoor and outdoor playground

- 30 minutes walk from the park.

Hotel Santa Fe

- one of the cheapest hotel

- 30 minutes walk. Buses which drop you about a 3 to 4 minute walk to Disneyland park.

- No wireless internet.

Davy Crockett ranch

- 15 min drive from Disneyland Paris

- Self -catering: I have listed all the supermarkets near Disneyland Paris.

- indoor swimming pool with a slide

- a little farm + outdoor playground + pony rides!

- free internet cable in each bungalow.

My Disneyland Paris hotel review

  1. I came by train from paris to disneyland paris with 3 kids, a pushchair and a tired husband who had to carry all the suitcases all over the stairs. We got up early to enjoy the first day in the park. Departure at 8:00 from the hotel. We arrived at 9:00.
  2. We took the bus from marne la vallée station to Sequoia Lodge hotel. Big surprise when we arrived: we had to scan all the luggage under the X-ray. 1st queue with 3 tired kids.
  3. We finally get  into the hotel. 2nd line to get our 3 days-tickets + breakfast voucher + hotel key. 40 minutes! Bye bye the extra magic hours for the first day! But we were lucky: our bedroom were ready! Otherwise, you have to let your luggage in a storage room and take them back before 20:00 (I don't remember exactly the hours).
  4. We went in our room: nice, clean but small. We've just pack what we want for the first day.
  5. We walked from the hotel to the entrance (25 minutes walk). At 11:30 we were there! And guess what? My children said:" I am hungry mummy". I took it easy and  gave them the sandwiches I had prepared in the morning before leaving Paris.
  6. At 12:30, after taking the first fastpass (Buzz Lightyear ride-fastpass for 20:10!) we were in our first ride, happy.

Conclusion: the first day, you don't enjoy the extra hours + you miss the first morning. I can't imagine how it would have been if we had to come back for the luggage in the afternoon or for dinner. 

And of course, after the first day, we were very happy to sleep not too far the park.

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