Disneyland paris rides lists

Have a look at the Disneyland Paris rides lists: all the many indoor and outdoor rides in the both theme parks (53 rides): Disneyland theme park and Walt Disney studios park.

I have list all the rides in the both park:

• 5 land in Disneyland paris Park:  Fantasiland is great for toddlers; Thrill rides are in Discoveryland or frontierland or Adventureland.

In Main street, find some place to eat or for shopping.

•In walt Disney studio Park, find:

 Toon Studio for toddler and grown-up;Toy story playland, the kingdom for kids;
 Backlot for thrill rides or car show; Frontlot or Production courtyard with some good show for kid and 1 big thrill ride!

My Disneyland Paris rides list tips

• Walt Disney studios park have more indoor activities than Disneyland park

• No water rides- You can’t be wet

• I have listed all the rides for toddlers!

• Some rides have height and age restrictions

• Follow my tips to beat the lines.


FANTASILAND: 12 disneyland rides

    • It's a small world ride

    • Snow White and the seven dwarfs

    • Pinocchio’s journey

    • Peter Pan ride

    • Dumbo, the flying elephant

    • The mad matters tea cups

    • Alice Curious Labyrinth

    • Sleeping beauty castle

    • Fantasy festival stage (for the shows)

    • Castle theater

    • Casey Junior

    • Story book land canal boat cruise

    • Lancelot’s carrousel


    • Captain EO

    • Mysteries of the Nautilus

    • Buzz Lightyear ride

    • Star tours

    Space mountain

    • Orbitron

    • Nautilus submarine

    • Videopolis (for the shows and videogames)

    • Autopia (close in winter)


    • Pirates of the Caribbean

    • Captain Hook boat

    • Adventure Isle

    • Indiana Jones and the temps of peril

    • The swiss family Robinson treehouse

    • Aladdin’s enchanted passage


    • Big thunder Mountain rides

    • Thunder mesa riverboat landing

    • Haunted Mansion

    • Critter corral (closed)

    • Chapparal theater (for the shows)

    • Pocahontas indien village


    • Disneyland railroad

    • Horse drawn street cars

    • Main street vehicles

    • Discovery arcades

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In Walt Disney studios park (21 disneyland rides)


    • Crush’s coaster

    • Cars rallye

    • animagique

    • flying carpets over agrabah

    • Art of disney animation


    • ZIG-ZAG tour, NEW in 2010

    • Toy story mission parachute, NEW in 2010

    • Toy story playland

    • RC Racer



    • Moteurs...action stunt show spectacular

    • Rock’n roll coaster


    • Disney studio1


    • Stich live

    • The tower of terror ride

    • Play house Disney

    • Cinemagique

    • Studio tram tour : behind the magic

    • Ratatouille

End of Disneyland Paris rides lists.

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If you wish to avoïd queue, my tips to beat the line could be usefull.

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