Why disneyland paris space mountain is so special?

This page lists all the disneyland paris space mountain facts:

    space mountain simply facts: height, fastpass, queuing

    what’s special and why you should try this space mountain in Paris!

    Ready to see how is it?

    Space mountain song

disneyland paris space mountain

Space mountain simply facts

    speed of space mountain: 76 km/H

    • track’s length: 1000 m

    • 24 passengers in each train

    time on these train roller coaster: 2:18 min

    • Space mountain height requirement: 1m35 (58 inches). Use the baby switch if you have toddlers or young kinds!

    fastpass available!

    • in complete darkness so you don’t really realize it

    • Remove your shoes or bags or necklaces etc....before riding and leave your bag on the ride platform

    • In discoveryland: just on your right after main street! You can’t miss it!

    Just have a look where you can eat in Discoveryland

What’s special?

Does space mountain mission 2 give you that feeling in your stomach?

Is it worth queing for?

It 's definitely worth waiting on line for!

These track is the only one....

    • who go uppp and downnn: many flips, corkscrews and the last drops take you off guard !

    • who can go very fast: Disneyland Paris Space moutain is the fastest in the world!!!

    • with an outside part at the beginning!

One tip: what you need to do is keep your head back! Otherwise it gets toggled around, causing quite a headache....

It can be scary, depending on you. There's a launch at the beginning (around 35 mph) and then darkness....

Space mountain video

No more words, just seat and watch....

Space mountain song

In 2005, Michael Giacchino composed the space mountain soudtrack. Listen.....

Disneyland paris space mountain Top

And a game!

Have fun on Space mountain : Mission 2 !

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