Which Disneyland Paris tickets?

How much do Disneyland Paris tickets cost?

Cheapest place to find Disneyland Paris park ticket? I have found on 25 euro/day!

Are there any Disneyland Paris Resort tickets that enable you to visit both parks in one day?

Can you buy tickets for Disneyland Paris at the entrance gates, in Charles de Gaulle airport?

Is it talking to you? An that page, find all the answer:

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  • Can we purchase Disneyland Paris ticket from other country’s website?


Disneyland Paris resort tickets allows free access to attractions, shows and parades (excluding the Shooting Gallery in Frontierland and the Video Games Arcade in Discoveryland in the Disneyland Park). I have listed only the affordable prices and you have to buy it on UK or french website (see bellow).
Billet 1 day/1 park Billet francilien 1 day-1 park Billet francilien 1 day 2 parks 3 days Ticket for the price of 2 days 4 days Ticket for the price of 3 days
Prices 62 €/ adults 56€/child 45 € on WE or 39 € on WEEK 55 € on WE or 49 € on week 139 €/adult- 126€/child must be paid in advanced 169 €/adult - 156 €/child
Which park? either Disneyland or Walt Disney Studios Park both only 1 park both both
How many days 1 day 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days
consecutive or not? not need to be consecutive not need to be consecutive not need to be consecutive
On which website? French French French French French

My cheap Disneyland Paris ticket

Here all I have found on the french website with cheap disneyland paris ticket this summer! I have tried: 25 euros for one day!

Buy one day, get one day free! Until the 30/09/2013 but you need to go the second time  7 days after your first entrance!

Here the link for the french website:

Purchase on line the cheapest Disneyland Paris:

- for 1 day/2 parks ticket

- for 1 day / 1 park ticket from 55 euros for 2 days


It’s very easy to buy tickets in Paris:

    • Get them at the RER station ticket counter when you are in Charles de Gaulle airport for exemple. If you are in Paris city, you can get them at the metro station ticket counter too.

    • Directly at the park entrance but it’s the most expensive.

    • In Disney Store on Champs Elysées

    • In the Tourism office

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Can we purchase Disneyland Paris Tockets from another country's website?

Maybe you ‘ve checked the ticket price from uk and india website and found out that it is cheaper to buy from uk website?

Will this create a problem if you bought the ticket from another website?

I check the term and condition, nothing is mentioned about buying from respective website....

On the french website, it’s written “Billets Franciliens ouverts à tous ». Translation: Francillien Tickets open for everyone”!

I have never tried buying online in an other website (Why sould I? Our price are cheapest with the Francilien tickets!) but from my visiting experiences, not check passport/nationality to enter in Disneyland! At most, they just ask for their demographic survey purposes that you can confirm orally!

I think it will be problem if you're buying physical tickets: on UK site, you must fill up an UK address in order to receive your tickets by mail. But if you're buying e-ticket, I don't see how it could be any problem! Just try it!

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Disneyland paris ticket Tips

Be carefull, last time I was in Disneyland Paris, a man sayed to me:

"Sorry, some friends won't come and I have some ticket .....are you interested to buy them?". I was'nt interested because I have already bought my ticket on  internet.

Then the man asked the couple who were just behind me.  They said Yes and asked for the price. The man saied: "it's usually 70 euros a day ticket and he can sell the disney ticket for 60 euros!" The couple was very happy to buy them at that price!

But the couple were surprise by the ticket price written on the ticket: 21 euros! The man explained that it's not the price he had baught the ticket! It's was more expansive.

I think that the man lied and bought it with his annual pass:

From June 10th to September 2013, a annual-pass-holder can invite 5 friends for 21 euros  per week!

Imagine, a one day ticket for both park for only 21 euros!

I kown that but I said anything! I feel bad now.....

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