Disneyland to Paris

The cheapest and the easiest way to get to Paris!

This page details your travel from Disneyland to Paris (Eiffel tower also) by train or night bus: only 32 minutes and without change!

Mind you! If you want to go to Paris on the 14th of July (Bastille day), have a look on my bastille-day-page: some subway are closed that day and find some tips to enjoy the most!

How Can you reach Paris from Disneyland Paris?

    1. Walk to Disneyland Paris train station called Marne la vallee-chessy, terminus of the RER A.

    The station is just in front of Disneyland Park entrance.

    2. Purchase a 5 zone ticket: 7,50 € per way (only 1 ticket for all your journey)- Half price for kids under 12 and free under 4 years old. If you are a familly, buy 10 tickets for 60 euros (so one way for  6 euros!).

    3. Take the train from Disneyland Paris to Paris, called RER A (RER -reseau express regional-map could be usefull.).

    The "RER Paris Disneyland" is called RER A (on the right of the map- line red A 4)

    4. Drop off in one of these 6 RER stations: Champs-Elyseé, Auber (near Opera), Chatelet les halles, Gare de Lyon, Nation or Vincennes

    This 6 stations are connected with the subway (in french, metro).

    If you are going to see the Eiffel tower from Disneyland Paris, just click here.

    5. In the subway, follow the sign with the end line 's name. eg: line 12-porte de la chapelle.

    6. Mind you! Last RER at 0:30. Think about the night bus after midnight.

    7. If the weather is good, in Paris, you can reach by velib bikes:fun trip and amazing sightseeing.

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If you need metro map or RER Map for your journey between Disneyland to Paris, just see above .

Download Metro map in Paris!

Here, subway map in Paris (pdf) :

√ the one without the street  (<2OO ko)

√ the one with the name of the street  (>500 ko)


    √ Rush hours (morning 7:00 to 9:00 and evening 17:00 to 20:00) every 6 minutes

    √ After the Night parade, don't wait the firework. You may not find a place in the ReR if you want to come back in Paris! It's very very crowded. Unbelievable....I had my 2 kids one my knee and they were sleepling on the way back. But I was lucky because I had a seat! Some children had to sleep on their parents' shoulders!

    √ Most of the day: every 10 minutes

    √ After the evening rush hours: every 30 minutes.

Find all the RER Paris timetable, route and fares for trains from Disneyland Paris to Paris : Change the langage for english. Write Marne la vallee Chessy for departure ; The name of the 6 stations just seen above. Eg; Auber for arrival.

How to get to the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris?

    1. Follow the first 3 points just above.

    2. Drop off at Chatelet les halles station. Follow the Blue sign Correspondance pour RER B, direction Saint Remy les chevreuses- Robinson.

    3. Take the RER B.

    4. Drop off at Saint Michel Notre Dame

    5. Take the third RER. Follow the yellow sign with Correspondance pour RER C, direction Versailles rive Gauche, Saint quentin en Yvelines

    6. Drop off at Champs De Mars- Tour Eiffel Sation.

If you need metro map or RER Map for your journey between Disneyland to Paris, just see above .

For return, have a look at my special page about the Eiffel Tower.

BY NIGHT BUS from Disneyland to Paris

From 0:30 to 5:30.

The subway close at midnight in Paris. Don’t worry, take advantage of Paris by night....and use the night bus called “Noctilien”.

    1. From Disneyland station, take the bus N130. Drop off at the terminus: Gare de Lyon.

    2. Purchase a 5 zone ticket:15€/one way

Click for a night bus maps (pdf).

For more information about the noctilien bus (time table,frequencies, fares) just clich here. Change the langage for english or spanish or Italiano or Dutch.

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