Disneyland Paris extra magic hours

This page provides détails on every things you want to known about the Disney extra magic hours and tips to avoid queue....Perfect for toddlers and young kids.

    • how does it works?

    • How much does it cost?

    • When is it available?

    • On wich rides?

Also see my pages of how works the fastpass and my tips to beat the lines....

Mind you!

• Allow you to get in the Disneyland theme park before regular opening hours: 2 more extra magic hours in Disneyland Paris from 8:00.

• Only on particular day (see list below)

• Great with toddlers and young kids: most of the rides are in Fantasiland (see below) and are the most popular rides!

Toddler's rides list: a must-do for your kids!

• You must stay in the hotel Elysee Europe or in one of the 7 disney hotels:

    √ Disneyland Hotel

    √ Hotel New York

    √ Newport Bay Hotel

    √ Disney Sequoia Lodge

    √ Hotel Cheyenne

    √ Hotel Santa Fe

    √ Davy Crockett Ranch

• Sometimes, extra magic hours in Walt Disney Studios Park

• Available on selected rides (see list below)

How does it works?

    1. At the Disneyland park entrance, look for the sign Disney Hotel guests.

    2. Show your annual pass or the card you have received when you had check-in at your Disney hotels.

    3. Go ahead on Main street usa.

    4.Show again your annual pass or your card to the employees.

    4. Take advantage at some Fantasiland and discoveryland rides.

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When is it available?

    • January 11th to 31st 2011: on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

    • Every days in february, March, April and june 2011.

• Daily on october (except on 1st)

• Daily on November:except on 16th,18th,19th,23rd,25th and 26th

• Daily on December 2010.

How much does it cost?

It includes in your Disney hotels prices. Free for annual passport dream’s holders...

On wich rides?

Disneyland Park in Paris

• Dimbo, the flying elephant, Fantasiland

• Peter pan ride, Fantasyland

• Mad Hatter’s Tea cups, Fantasiland

• Le carroussel de lancelot, Fantasiland

• Space Mountains, Discoveryland

• Buzz light year ride, discoveryland

In walt disney studios park (not daily)only on WE from 8:00 to 9:00

• flying carpets over agrabah, Toon studio

• Cars, toon studio

• 3 new rides in Toy story playland

• Crush coaster, toon studio

• Tower of terror ride, Production Courtyard

• Rock n rollercoaster, Backlot

Some rides have restrictions (Height, age etc...) and may be closed.

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