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I read your website and used your tips to go to disneyland paris yesterday. We tried to visit the 2 parcs in 1 day and it worked out excellent.


Septembre 2014

Congratulations! such an amazing website! All the information I needed and so straightfoward!!!

Well done and thanks for your help!!!

September 2014

Planning to visit Disney Land Paris later this summer and i stumbled across this website and i think its really really great! Wonderful tips about avoiding queues and on travel and even hotels. Found more this more useful than the Disney site itself! I will take all your tips in mind when i visit.
Thanks ever so much for taking your time to create this site, it will very much help me out!

Victoria , June 2013

Great infomation when planning a trip from a long distance ( Perth West Australia)

Arthur, March 2013

Just to say a really useful site with lots of hints and tips.. Many thanks for creating it!

ssss, January 2013


Firstly just wanted to say how great the site is, really really helpful,

David, October 2012

Hi, i wanted to thank you for the great website you have put up, i myself will be visiting disneyland paris in december and was trying to find some information, and when i found your website i found all the information i needed. thx a lot and keep up the great work!! ;)

Mark, July 2012

Dear Virginie

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful site you have created. We are going to Disneyland Paris in October, and I feel a lot better informed about the whole thing thanks to you.

Keep up the good work!

Matt, July 2012

Thank you for having this website. Its a great help especially for someone going to Disney for the first time.

You have even covered for Halal food. Great job.

July, 2012

Hi, I love your page it is extremely helpful for planning vacation in Disneyland and thank you for it! :)

Pawel, March 2012

Hi Virginie

You have the best website! I was addicted to it from 8 in the evening until past midnight.

Ankit, March 2012

On of by best Guestbook!

I have found your website VERY helpful!

Charlotte, Februar 2012

Dear Virginie,
thanks first at all for putting this great page together! It is an excellent source to prepare our trip early May to Disneyland Paris.....

Tobias, January 2012

Hi Virginie!

I came across your website and found the information very useful so far. My husband and I are from the U.S. ad are planning to go to Disneyland Paris next year.

Annette, November 2011

Hello, and nice to meet you.
I'm Yukari from Tokyo, Japan.

I find your nice web site, because My mother and I  go to Paris disney next month:)
I really like Disney, and disney parks all around the world.

Your website is so helpful for us, so I waana to say thank you so much:)
I want take many photos with disney characters:D hehe

Thank you for reading,


October 2011

I just wanted to say that I think your website is HUGELY helpful and contains the most comprehensive set of information about Disneyland that I've come across. It also has all the things a newcomer would want to know regarding a trip there all in one easy to navigate site! I'm very grateful for the wealth of information you have provided and just thought you'd like to know how good a job I think you've made of this website. I now feel prepared for my upcoming visit there whereas before I found your site, I was overwhelmed by the various information on other webpages. Thank you!

August 2011

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