How many days in Disneyland Paris?

This page provides tips to get out how many days in Disneyland Paris you need to cover all you want and hints to help you to plan your holidays to Eurodisney.

Is a whole day enough or 2 days are necessary?

To answer this question, you must ask yourself:

1: Do I want to see both theme parks? Disneyland Paris and/or Walt disney studio Paris?

    If No, 1 day is enough. It doesn’t take a long time to visit the Walt disney studio: at 14:00, you can have done every thing.

    If Yes, 2 days are necessery.

2: When do I go there?

    √ During a long day in summer (open from 10:00 to 1:00): one day is enough for one park

    √ During a short day ( Here theme parks hours): (from 10:00 to 19:00): check which rides you want to do before (rides list here). 1 or 2 days for one of the two theme parks, especially if it’s a crowded days (in autumn holidays for exemple during Halloween festival or christmas time)

    √ During a week-end queues can be long (more than 1 hour) or during the week-day, then 1 day is enough.

Have a look at the disneyland paris attendance.

3:Do I want to do all the rides and see all the shows and parades? Here Show and parades schedule for the next week)

    If YES, yep, then you need 2 or 3 days for all.

    If No, one day could be enough espacially if you use the fastpass or the extra-magic-hours or my tips to beat the queues.

    But you have to pay for 2 days if you want to see both theme parks. One ticket-one day for the both parks are not available.

Have a look at all the disneyland paris events month by month.

4: Do I want to relax and enjoy the swimming-pool, the Ice rank, The Davy crockett adventures, Paris?

    If No: 2 days are enough, one day per theme park.

    If Yes: 3 or 4 day could be necessary: buy a ticket for 2 days (it must be 2 following days-what a shame!), enjoy the outdoors activities one day and Paris the fourth day (or more for Paris and around disneyland Paris): just take the train and 40 minutes later you are in Paris! I have choosen this option with my family and we were alone in a big swimming pool with a slide! (sequoia lodge's swimming pool)

5:Do I want to see some other Paris attractions as Asterix parks?

If Yes, you could spend some more nights in the disneyland hotel or move in another hotels. Have a look at all the possibilities around Paris and not so far from Disneyland Paris.

6: How busy is Disneyland Paris?

Have a look at the Eurodisney's attendance to confirm how many days in Disneyland paris you need to cover all you want.

Disneyland Paris How many days Tips

•Use the fastpass to avoid the queue or the extra magic hours or have a look at my tips to beat the lines...

• Before your travel to Disneyland Paris, make a list of the rides you absolutely want to do.

• Also, the crowded days and holidays in France may help you to find how many days you need.

Download the disneyland Paris program : schedule the show and the parade.

• Decide where you want to eat. Book in advance the restaurants:

• Rides may be closed !

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