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• Begin the 6th April 2011 to 31 th March 2012

    1Mickey’s magical celebration

    In front off the Sleaping beauty castle, Mickey, dressed with his Fantasia’s clothe, and others characters danced: Disney magicien (Merlin, Aladin’s genius, Cinderella’s godmother) and Disney’s Princely couples.

    Daily at 19:00 during 15 minutes.

    2Princes and princesses shows with Mickey

    Disneyland Park is more than ever the place to meet your favorite Disney’s princesses: Snow white, Cinderella, Aurore, Ariel, Beauty, Jasmine, Tiana...

    Appointment with you in their new royal’s square (still kept a secret place).

    A royal invitation to live and immortilize your fairy tale. A real magical moments festival!

    3Following the leader with Peter pan

    The Lost " Children " belong to Adventureland. It is the moment to join Peter Pan, Wendy, John and the Pirates to frighten Captain Hook. A unique adventure by singing and dance.

    4The Wonderful World of Alice and the Hatter

    Who has not ever wanted to celebrate every day, its incredible "non-birthday"?

    The Hatter Madman laid tables to celebrate thousands of "Non-birthdays" in the Wonderland. New 3D photo location: a magical moments festival's souvenir!. The occasion to take a delicious imaginary’s cup of tea not to far from Alice Curious Labyrinth and the mad matters tea cups.

    5Rythms of the jungle

    In all those who as Baloo believe undoubtedly that " little needs to be happy "!

    The terrace " Hakuna Matata " becomes the new place to have the rhythm of the jungle in the skin in the sound of drums and tomtoms. New 3D photo location with Jungle books and Lion King characters: Baloo, King Louie, sanke Kaa ...

    6Flash McQueen in the Motors, actions....Stunt show!

    While Flash McQueen gets ready to invade our screens in summer 2011 with his new adventures in Cars 2, Flash McQueen will appear personally in the Walt Disney Studios Park! Attention, Flash McQueen takes the departure, motors... action ...stunt show!

    7Raiponce and Flynn Rider

    New photo location in Fantasiland: The visitors of Disneyland Park are going to be able to enter their huge book to meet Raiponce and Flynn Rider.

    8New interactive hapenning in the Parade of the Dreams Disney

    And if you could be lucky to join your heroes in the Parade of Disneyland Paris? This year, Disneyland Park suggests you participating in their fabulous Parade of the Dreams Disney.

    The Disney stars and their friends are going to suggest you being an integral part of the Disney parade show with accessories, some dance steps and other fantastic tours: you’ll be the star!

    9Invasion of the Green Soldiers in Toy Story Playland

    Envy to experiment the real life of a toy?

    Enjoy Toy Story Playland, the quite new universe of the Walt Disney Studios Park with his 3 new rides: ZIG-ZAG tour, Toy story mission parachute, RC Racer-Maximal Speed!

    The Green Soldiers of Andy enlist the visitors in the extraordinary world of Andy's toys and invite them to live adventures with Buzz the Flash of lighting and his friends, while being reduced to the size of real toys.

    10 Say "Cheese" with the heroes of Ratatouille

    New 3D photo location with Emile and Rémy. To shout naively " cheese " before a photo was never justified so much!

    Rémy, the rat gourmet and Emile ordered for the Walt Disney studio ‘s visitors a giant French cheese-board. So enormous that we can slide the head there and enjoy shouting " cheese " .

    11 Monsters and Cie

    And if everybody had the permission to roar without limitation?

    New 3D photo location in Toon Studios with Sully, Bob and others Monsters and Cie and Bob: visitors could roar for a competition of the most stunning.

    12 The magic lamp of Aladdin

    And so how for Aladdin a magic lamp offered the power to fulfill three wishes? New 3D photo location in Adventureland: Stike the pose by rubbing the lamp and see if your three wishes will be fulfill....

    13 A romantic moment with Wall-E

    New 3D photo location in Discoveryland to find Wall-E, who does not know how to declare the flame to the most attractive Eve.

    14 Disney Dance Express

    Do you want to dance with your favorite Characters Disney?

    The train Disney Dance Express crosses several times a day Main Street, U.S.A. to make the visitors dance in the rhythms of Broadway.

    Dingo, Minnie, Donald Tic and Tap, or still Buzz the Flash of lighting... may be "Magic Movers"!

    Daily at 11:30,12:30 and 13:30. It's a tiny square. Be carefull with your children!

    And of course, every day, at 17:00, Disney’s once upon a dream parade!

    Have some good Holidays in Disneyland Paris!

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