Which restaurants in Adventureland
is the best?

Get out where you have to eat....4 restaurants in Adventureland are here:

  1. the blue lagoon restaurant, one of the best in Disneyland parc
  2. Colonel Hathi’s pizza outpost
  3. Agrabah café:  why not arabic food?
  4. hakuna matata

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy the pirates....

Try the Blue lagoon restaurant in Disneyland Paris and have a look at the menu!

    • In the heart of the Pirates of the carribean rides, have lunch or dinner in a night carribean atmosphere: sand on the floor, bamboo bunches. One of the best Disneyland Paris restaurants!

    Dining in such atmosphere won’t happen again!!

    It's one of the famous Disneyland Paris restaurants!

    • Served by waiters, enjoy the lobster, shrimp cocktail, flambade Ostrich stake, Carribean chicken curry, various shell fish and oysters, roast beef with Jamaican pepper sauce, Caramelised banana pie with cocoa ice cream and creme brulee.

    • Asked for a lake-side-table and don’t forget to book in advance....

    • Use your Half board Plus or premium meal Voucher in this restaurant! but only for dinner.

Booking a restaurant

Table service reservation can and should be made months in advence using this following numbers:(+33) 1 60 30 40 50

You don’t mind to queue up in a jungle atmosphere

Colonel Hathi’s pizza outpost is for you

• A great family place with the Jungle books songs (Have already them in your mind?) and jungle atmosphere. Lovely for the kids...

• Good for junk food: pasta, pizza, garlic bread, drink and fruit.

• Maybe the cheapeast Disneyland paris restaurant (13 €). Think about the early hours (before 12:00 or after 13:30).

More information....here

                 Agrabah café

• On a buffet, appreciate the moussaka (egg-plant with meat), lamb tagine (yummy), hommos, taboulé, shawarma, meatballs, kebabs, fish .

• For dessert take a baklava with mint tea, so delicious. Taste slowly with aladin’s music...in various rooms decorated with arabic ‘s carpets,marrocan lamps.

• Not too expensive (28€) and very tasty, spicy and smelly...My favorite...

• Half board Plus and premium meal voucher available for lunch

• Half board standard meal voucher available for dinner

African atmosphere? Restaurant hakuna matata

• Fast food with burgers, Kebabs, chips, soda. Never try. Around 13 € the menu.

• Closed for dinner

• Half board standard meal voucher available for dinner

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Bon appetit in the restaurant in adventureland !

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