Restaurants in Fantasiland

Get out where you want to one of the 3 Restaurants in Fantasiland:

  1. L'auberge de cendrillon, a service table, open for dinner
  2. Toad hall restaurant, a fish and chips restaurant, open for lunch
  3. Pizzeria Bella Note, open daily for lunch and diner

Fantasiland is the land for toddlers and young kids. Most of the toddlers rides are here.

You just want to relax, eat and enjoy Cinderella.... Try the “ Auberge de Cendrillon”:French food in a castle atmosphere.

Have a look at the menu and more information about "l'auberge de Cendrillon".

Why this restaurant?

  1. Take a photo with your favorite disney’s princess
  2.   Perfect on winter days...warm up near the fire place.

Auberge de cendrillon TIPS

• Lunch: closed; Dinner:depends on the closing hours...

• Book in advance: it's one of the famous Disneyland Paris restaurants!

• Half board Premium meal voucher available.

Booking a restaurant

 Table service reservation can and should be made months in advence using this following numbers:(+33) 1 60 30 40 50

You don’t mind to queue up.... ...Pizzeria Bella Note is for you

•Italien food (my favorite pizza’s place) in an Italian scenery with some Mediteranean music inside and outside.

• Huge Mickeyshaped pizzas , delicious lasagne, pasta bolognese and garlic bread (not very Italian...). 10 euro/adult.

• Perfecto! Except the crowd. It’s a family place so think about avoiding the peek hours (beetween 12:00 and 13:30).

• standart meal voucher available

Fish & chips?...Toad Hall restaurant is for you

  • As in United-Kingdom, eat the mythical fish and chips.
  • Closed for dinner
  • Available with the standart meal voucher
  • Not too expensive, around 10 €.

Toad Hall restaurant TIPS

 Eat there at french people dinner time, after 12:30 pm and you will be alone....This food is tasted too fat for french people.

You just want to drink and eat quickly.....
Try the Old Mill

Have a drink or a small snack (wraps and chicken). Unpleasant with kids, cos you can seat.

Looking for an Ice-cream? Fantasia gelati or ...Fantasia Ice Cream Parlour

Ice cream sorbet, crepes, waffles for the first place (my favourite)

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