Rides for toddlers in Disneyland Paris

This page lists all the Disneyland Paris rides for toddlers in Disney Paris, especially with no height restrictions:

  1. Dark rides
  2. Outdoor rides
  3. Fair rides
  4. Boat rides
  5. Theater for shows
  6. Little cart
  7. Playgrounds

Toddlers rides TIPS

All children under 7 must be accompagned in all rides.

Have a look at all the restrictions (age and height) and all the indoor rides when the weather is bad.

Think about the extra magic hours with your toddlers!

It's nice to sleep over!


In Disneyland park

    • It's a Small World, Fantasiland

    • Snow White, Fantasiland

    • Pinocchio, Fantasiland

    • Peter Pan ride, Fantasiland

    • Pirates of the Carribean, Adventureland

In walt Disney Park

         • Ratatouille


In Fantasiland

    • The Mad Matters tea cups

    • Alice Curious Labyrinth

    • Sleeping Beauty Castle

    • Dumbo, the flying elephant, Fantasiland (over 1 year old)

    • Casey Junior

    • Orbitron, discoveryland (over 1 year old)

    • Story Book land canal boat cruise

    • Lancelot’s carrousel

In Frontierland

    • Thunder Mesa riverboat landing

    • River Rogue keelboat (closed in winter)

In Main street USA

    • Horse drawn street cars

    • Main street vehicles

In Walt Disney studios park: 2 new rides for toddlers

    • Parachute drop (Height restriction 0,81m- 22 inch)

    • Zig-zag

FAIR RIDES- aerial carrousel

In Disneyland park

    • Dumbo, the flying elephant, Fantasiland

    • Lancelot’s carrousel, Fantasiland

In Walt Disney studios park

    • Flying Carpets over Agrabah, Toon studio


In Disneyland Park

    • Thunder Mesa Riverboat landing, frontierland

    • River Rogue keelboat (close en winter), frontierland


During the day, shows are a must-do: kids love them and it's a walk break...

Here all the shows and parades programs for the next week.

Check out the Disneyland Paris events that occur throughout the year in Disney resort Paris in 2011 with a few details on what and when.

Disneyland park

    • Fantasy festival stage, Fantasiland

    • Videopolis, Discoveryland (nothing at the moment)

    • Chaparal theater, Frontierland: Mickey's winter wonderland 

Walt Disney Studio Paris

    • Cinemagique

    • Animagique 

    • Stich live!

    • Playhouse Disney Live on stage! (My nephew's Favorite show!)


In Disneyland park

    • Snow White, Fantasiland

    • Pinocchio, Fantasiland

    • Peter Pan ride, Fantasiland

In Walt Disney Park

          • Ratatouille (May be little scary for toddler's)


Where the toddlers can run around....

In Disneyland park

    • Adventure Isle, Adventureland

    • Captain Hook boat, Adventureland

    • The Swiss family Treehouse, Adventureland

    • Aladdin’s enchanted passage, Adventureland

    • Pocahontas Indien Village, Frontierland

    • Playground before the entrance of Frontierland, Plaza central

    • Sleeping Beauty Castle, Fantasiland

In Walt Disney studios park

    • Toy story playland, toon studio

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