Shopping near Disneyland Paris!

Confessions of a shopaholic?

Shopping near Disneyland Paris it's easy: the big departement store, Val d'Europe and the shopping valley are here for you !

On this page details on:

    • What you can find in this mall

    • Opening hours

    • Facilities for your purchases

    • Car renting

    • Activities for children

    • How you can get there

Here's a map showing Disneyland Paris (above)and Val d'Europe (bottom) location.

Use the arrows and zoom feature to customize the view.

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What can you find?, shopping and clothes, sportwear, recreationnal gifts, musics, books,shoes, homeware, jewellery.

Find some services: healthcare, haircut, Sephora, visual, ticket dispenser, drugstore.

Everything you need. Act as french people and go shopping here...

2 bargain every year: in January and in July.

Here some more informations about this Department store I hope you’ll find your happiness.

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• Opening hours

    • Open from 10:00 to 21:00- only closed on Sunday. Excepted 24 and 31th of december open from 8:00 to 18:00.

    • Unusual opening on:

      √Monday april 25th

      √ Thursday June 2nd

      √ Monday 13th June

      √ Sunday 26th june: summer bargain

      √ Thursday 14th July: Bastille Day

      √ Monday 15th August

      √ Tuesday 1st November

      √ Friday 11th November

      √ December’s Sunday (4,11 & 18 December 2011) from 10:00 to 20:00.

    • Closed on certain french holidays

• Facilities

Don’t want to walk with all your purchases?

Confessions of a shopaholic?

For 2€/allowance try the stewart services (what a shame if you don’t use it!): he parks your car in a private car park (parking niveau haut porte volga) and every times you buy something, the cashier will called the stewart. And the end of your shopping, you will get back a car with a boot filling by all your gifts...

Available from 10 :00 à 20 :00 Monday to Friday and on Saturday from10:00 à 20:30.

Called at +33 (0) . It cost 25 &euro/ a year or 2 €/day.

• Car renting: Hertz services are here if you want to rent a car for one hour or more (from 4 €/hour)...

Become a member (fill with this promotial code 2082-but only in french) – Receive at home a connect card on one week . Let’s do a booking by internet or by phone 0800 450 400. Just go to the parking (Porte de la Volga - Niveau 1), take your car and So easy...

• Wifi access

• Wednesdays For children

Every Wednesday beetween 14:00 and 17:00, free workshop activities for your kids (4 to 12 years old) on “les terasses” area. A parental supervision is due.

Find out the activities schedules: in french and in english (Click on the image)

• Hungry?

I have listed:

    great restaurants you can find: chinease, japonease, halal food, my favorite Italian restaurant.

    bakery and supermarkets in this departement store.

    Bon appétit!

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      By RER from Marne la vallée-chessy Station (in front of the Disneyland Park entrance)

      Take the train (RER A), direction Saint Germain en Laye, Poissy, Cergy-pontoise

      Drop off at the next station Val d'Europe.

      • By car (only 6 km)

      Return to the High-way A4

      Take the exit N° 12, direction Serris, Montevrain.

      Follow the sign Val'dEurope, centre commercial. Free car park there.

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