Small world ride

In Fantasiland, a classic boat ride for all the family: it's a small world ride!

Do you want to see your son or your daughter with a big smile?

If you say YES, this is the ride you have to do!

In one of the 24 boats, 280 dolls are singing all together the song "it's a small world".

You can't get out and can't have the song in your head!

During 9 minutes, after boarding in a boat,  your children will be astonished with the colour, the song, the dolls mouvements. You are going through all the continent: all the "must seen" building are here: Eiffel tower, big ben, Taj Mahal, golden gate bridge.

Also, all the clichés are here: canadian on Ice skating, hawaien people surfing, a gondola in Venice etc...and animals for kid's pleasure: a panda, lion, kangourou ....

Every 15 minutes, the clock open: all the dolls go around the building. It's nice for toddler and young kid.

Small world tips

  • In the morning, it's open during the extra magic hours.
  • No queue or just a little after 19:00. 
  • After 21h30 no queue. Closed at 22:00.

what special in "it's a Small world"  at Disneyland Paris?

  • The song is being sung in French, german and english.
  • There is an oriental section in which the song is being sung in Arabic.
  • Canadian and american people are presented separately.

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