Tips for Disneyland Paris
to beat the lines

On this page, some tips for Disneyland Paris to beat the lines...

Do you wish to avoid queue ?

Here all my tips for Disneyland Paris:

1. In the Park entrance, most of people use middle line: less queue on right or left line.

2. Shorter lines during:

√ the parades, people tend to huddle in main street USA, so take advantage of this moment to spend more time in rides with big attendance: Dumbo -the flying elephant; Pinocchio; Snow White; Peter Pan ride....

In Fantasyland, less queue between 18:00 and 20:00 in Summer!

√ lunch and dinner time: between noon and 13:30; dinner time in France: 19:30-21:00

3. Disney child swap: when you arrive at the rides entrance, speak to a cast member: mom rides first while dad and kids wait; when mom is done, it’s dad turns immediately. No need to queuing twice! We tried and it works.

4. In some rides, lines move quikly even though they look crowded: Buzz Light year rides (Adventureland), Indiana Jones and the Temple of peril (Adventureland), Pirates of he carribean (Adventureland), Tower of Terror ride (Production courtyard), Big Thunder mountains railroad (Frontierland), Haunted Mansion (Frontierland).

5. Begin with:

    √ With toddlers or young kids, begin with Dumbo- the flying elephant in Fantasiland (take the train in Main street station and drop off at Fantasiland station: shortest wait at the opening. Otherwise, use the extra magic hours for these rides: great with toddlers and young kids. Learn it!

    √ Otherwise, begin with Frontierland (Go ahead in Main street USA and turn to this land) and go clockwise.

    Most people tend to go counter-clockwise (i.e. starting with Discoveryland with Space Mountain or Buzz Light year rides) or begin with Disneyland Paris parc

6. When the night falls, go in Adventureland: the lights are amazing and less crowded. Go at night in Adventureland.

7. Use the Disneyland fastpass: it allows you to get the fastpass line on 9 selected rides. Useful for thrill rides. Learn it!

8. The park is less crowded on Thuesday and Thursday.

9. The disneyland railroad does a circle around the park, so use it for transportation: great foot break or rest (My little boy slept in it!)!

10. Go in Walt disney studios park in the afternoon: less crowded

11. Take an afternoon break if you stay in a hotel: your kids will enjoy the night, when Fantasiland is less crowded....

12. Have a look at all the public holidays in France and all the special events to avoid queue....

13. Also, if you have an iPhone, download the Disneyland Paris rides wait times.

14. Use the single line system for crush coaster, RC racer and for ratatouille. The system uses people from the single line to add them to the normal line so all carts are full. Ratatouille had carts of 6 people so every time couples of 2, 4 or 5 people entered they add single users. Crush coaster has carts of 4 people so you were only being add if 3 people attented one cart.

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