Tree top adventure
near Disneyland Paris

Outdoor activities for kids and teenagers? Tree top adventure near Davy crockett ranch is for you.

This page provides details on this outdoor fun park:

√ Which adventure is for you?

√ How much is it

√ Opening schedule

√ How to book

√ How to get there (by car or by train)

√ More fun: paint ball or Canoe

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Here all details about Davy crockett Tree top adventure:


Find your happiness in these 6 adventures:

    Apprentice adventurer (from 1m10-43 inch)? The green apple treetop is for you. Go on by Yourselves: Tyrolean ( mom and dad can help you), bridges of monkey, footbridges or mini Tarzan. Perfect if you don’t know if you feel dizzy.

    Expert adventurer (from 1m25-49 inch)? Gad about among more than 17 new treetop adventures: footbridge Zigzag, Japanese, jumps of fleas, swing chairs and the others Tyrolean... Included between 2 and 3m50 of height this adventure is accessible to all *

    Will you be the first ones to face him the green chesnut (new treetop adventure in 2010)?

    Advanced adventurer (from 1m35-53 inch)? Try the Green Ash, a real journey in height in the world of trees. Similar to the Green Apple but it is already a real route in height, do not let you surprise! Highly varied (between 4 and 10m) and without any difficulties. Adapted to all the public, the families, the groups or individual. For the big and the youngs adventurers!

    Confirmed adventurer (from 1m40-55 inch) ? Stick on a cable in more than 5 or 12 m of the ground: leave it by a vertical scale of 8 meters, huge tyrolean, jump of Tarzan ( 9m). A good training before the red route. The blue beech is adapted to all the public.

    Strength and boldness (from 1m40-55 inch)? The Red Cedar is for you: sports and vertiginous tests between 7 and 14m over mulberry trees. First challenge: the Tarzan ‘s jump of 16m. Reflection and address will avoid you losing your strengths.

    Big sportsmen (from 1m40-55 inch)? In a vertiginous atmosphere, the difficulties succeed one another continuously: trapezes, stirrups, Popeye, cord acrobats. Is-it really for you? The black Oak is not for everybody. Good fitness, reflection and address will be a must for this tree top adventure!.

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    • 25 € for adventurers bigger than 1,40m (55 inch).

    • 15 € for adventurers smaller than 1,40m (55 inch).

    • 3 € for visitors


    • Low season between  November  to  April.

    • High season from  April : open every days!!

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    • Accept the condition (one adult for one children aged 6; one adult for 2 children aged from 6 to 8;1 adult for 3 minors aged from 9 to 12; 1 adult for 4 children aged from 13 to 17)) and choose the right treetop adventure: Davy’s crockett/Paris Est.

    Just click here… But the website is only in french.

    • Contact: eMail :

Tell them it’s for the Paris Est Davy crockett.

cell phone :.06 88 62 26 37


On Disney’s Davy crockett ranch entry. Very difficult to reach it by public transportation. You need a car.

    • From Paris: High way A4, exit 13 Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch 77174 VILLENEUVE LE COMTE

    • From Eurodisney with public transportation:

Take the RER A (train) from Disneyland Paris station called GARE DE MARNE LA VALLEE CHESSY direction Poissy or Saint germain en laye ou Cergy-pontoise.

Drop off at the next station: GARE DE VAL D EUROPE - Serris (2 minutes)

Then at the val d’europe station, take the pink bus (N°34).

Get out the bus at the stop "les pléiades".

Take the road D321 (by walk), direction Villeneuve Le Comte. Cross the high-way A4.

After the roud-about, follow the sign « Ranch Davy Crockett » (20 minutes by walk to reach the tree top adventure)

time table available on the web.

Fill the page like this:

    √ In the blanck square leaving from: fill it with gare de marne la vallee chessy;

    √ On the blanck square going to: fill it with gare val d’europe.


    • Treetop adventure & Canoe (13km of descent on Grand Morin) :

    40 € for bigger than 1m40, 28 &euro for the smaller than 1m40.

    Treetop adventure in the morning at 9:30 and canoe at 13:30.

    • Treetop adventure and paintball: 55 €for a 3-hours-treetop-adventure and 2-and-a-half-game (500 bullets).

More bullets ? 5 &euro ; for 100 , 20 &euro ; for 500 ; 70 &euro ; for 2000. Smoke bomb and grenade: 5 € each.

How to book for the paintball and canoe?

Send an email ( and precise:

    √ your name

    √ first name

    √ email, cell phone,

    √when you want to come, when you will arrive (at the paintball and at the treetop adventure)

    √ how many are you.

Advanced paiement will be required.

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