Velib bikes in Paris: how it works?

Discover Paris in a different way: by Velib bikes, a fantastic bike rental in Paris.

This page lists all you need to known about cycle hire in Paris:

    • How it works ?

    • Where can you hire a bicycle?

Since 2008, self-service bikes - called Velib - are beeing available all across Paris.

When it’s sunny, the cycling in Paris is great, use the cycle lanes and discover Paris through a new way...

From Opera, Champs Elysee or the Eiffel Tower, take your bike and reach by your own the Chatelet les halles station with your Paris velib map.

What a challenge to cross the Place de la Concorde! Yes, you can do it...

Details on Paris Velib bike system:

    Fare for the cycle hire in Paris: 1€ for one day/ 5€ for 7 days.

    • Credit card obligatory: Follow the screen’s instruction. Choose english for language. Get a ticket with your pin number.

    • You must agree for a 150 €- guarantee .

    • The firt half-hour is free. Put the Velib bicycle back before this time and just get another right after: no extra-charge...And you can cycle for more than 30 minutes for free...

    • Take a velib bicycle and get it back where ever you want in a station Velib.

    • Stop riding when you want and take some pictures...

    • A green light appears when you put it back correctly.

    • A red light appears when the Velib bicycle doesn’t interlock well in a station in Paris. In this case, don’t forget to declare on the screen that your bike is returned. Otherwise, your 150€ will be debited.

    You can’t take another velib bike with your pin number as long as your bike return hasn’t been checked (less than 24 hours).

    You have to take another number. It’s not very useful.


      √ Wetty and dangerous under the rain.

      √ Unpracticable with toddlers or young kids.Only from 14 years old.

      √ Sometimes, it’s difficult to park the Velib bicycles where you want, especially in the crowded area (city center).

    More information of Velib in Paris: find the Velib english brochures and the Velib map Paris for all the station Velib...

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