How is the weather in Disneyland Paris?

This page provides details on the weather in Disneyland Paris month by month last year:

    √ Weather for Disneyland Paris in winter ? which month is the coldest ?

    √ Disneyland paris weather in spring : how is June? April?

    √ Summer weather : not too warm?

    √ Autumn weather: the coolest month

    √ More weather facts in Disneyland Paris : coldest month, rainest month etc...

Disneyland Resort Paris is in “Seine et Marne” in the north part of France. France is divided by the Loire river : bad weather above the Loire river and better below.

Find out some weather facts for Disneyland Paris all year long:

In winter: How cold is it ?

(2010 Data)

November 2010 : Rainy (80mm/month) and not so sunny (only 43 hours for all month!).

But warmy for a november : 9-10°C!! (50° F). Windy (70Km/h)

December 2010 : Rainy (70 mm/month) and cold : 0,5°C (33°F).A lot of snow (more than 7cm)

Sunny month (49 hours/months) with snow....very icy.

January 2010: Not rainy (30mm/month) but very cold: 0°C (32°F) With some snow (7cm the 7th of january).

February 2010: Not too rainy but very cold (0,5°C) except one day with 15°C!!. Not icy and snowy.

Yep, the weather in Paris Disneyland is very cold in winter but forget that first answer, you are going to have a great time! Specially if you've decided to come for Christmas times!

Here all the indoor rides to get warm... and where you can eat in Winter can be useful too...

Spring: Not too rainy?

My best times for a walk with a Disneyland Paris gardener: Book for a Hortitours!

(2010 data)

March 2010: Not too rainy (35mm/month) and sunny ( 168 hours for all month !).

Average temperature is 7,5°C!! (45,5 degree Fahrenheit). In march, are usually short shower called the “Giboulée de Mars” (April showers). Don’t forget the umbrella and a raincoat.

April 2010 :Not rainy (great) and warm for this month : 11°C (51,8°F). Sunny month (240 hours/months) but a french saying says: "En Avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil" (In the month of may, cast ne’er a clout away). Be aware of the changing weather...

Mai 2010: Dry(25mm/month), but still cold this month: 12-13 °C (53,6-55,4°F) and very cloudy.

It has been difficult to say that we were in May!!

Conclusion: Mild weather in Disneyland Paris in spring. Not so bad weather in Disneyland Paris with children and not too crowded. Bring some rain clothes.

Summer weather: not too Hot?

(2010 data)

June 2010: rainy (80mm/month) and sunny. 16°C (60,8°F) but very cold at the begginning (8°C-48,4 °F) and hot at the end (30°C-86°F).

For the weather in Disneyland Paris and the crowd, it’s the best month...

July 2010 : Rainy (youps!), not so sunny (216 hours, less than in April), with 20°C (68°F).

August 2010: Lot of rain (100 mm/month), not so hot for this month: 20 °C (68°F) and very cloudy (only 180 sunny hours)

September 2010: rainy (Again!!! 80 mm/month), 14 °C (57,2°F) and not so sunny (200 hours/month)

Conclusion: June was the perfect month. July and August have too much rain (thunder). September was not better.

Dont' worry with the rain: it's not shower. Only 2 or 3 thunder in the month at the end of the afternoon after a very hot day...

Here all the indoor rides with air conditioner and my special summer page.

Why not a walk with a gardener?

Autumn: the best Disneyland Paris weather

(2012 data)

October 2012: Dry, sunny and cool(12°C-53,6F). Good period. A great month for the Halloween shows.

November 2012: Rainy (80mm/month) and often cloudy (only 43 hours for month !).

But warm for a november : 9-10°C!! (50°F). Windy (70Km/h).

Conclusion: If you prefer coolest month, october is the best...for Halloween!


• The warmest month is august.

• The coldest month are december and january.

• The rainiest month is august (thunder).

• The highest recorded temperature was 40,20°C August 2003.

• The lowest recorded temperature was -18,20°C January 1985

• The best time to visit Disneyland Paris is early september or june, when the weather is mild and crowds are light but not for the show and parade.

• The second best time to visit Disneyland Paris is august.

• If you prefer cool weather, go in october during the Halloween Party.

• Don’t worry, under the snow, the rain, most rides keep operating....And it’s not raining every day! Have a look at all the indoor rides.

• Want to know what is the weather in Disneyland Paris next week?

Looking for the weather forcast?

If your Paris and Disneyland holidays are soon (less than 7 days), have a look at the Disneyland Paris weather forcast: just click here

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